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There are several Internet-based rental agencies that can help you rent a home on the island:, for example, lists fully equipped apartments and houses (and also handles reservations for hotel rooms); offers smaller and less expensive properties. Most rental homes have fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. You can opt for a house downtown or a more secluded one on the eastern coast.

Many of Isla's smaller hotels don't accept credit cards, and some add a 5–10% surcharge if you use one. Isla has also been tightening up its cancellation policy, so check with your hotel about surcharges for changing reservations. Before paying, always ask to see your room to make sure everything is satisfactory—especially at the smaller hotels.

A growing number of Isla hotels are now encouraging people to make their reservations online. Some allow you to book rooms right on their websites, but even hotels without their own sites usually offer reservations via online booking agencies, such as and Be sure to ask whether construction is taking place nearby; it's often the reason a hotel lowers its rates, but the savings may not be worth the disruption.

Booking online is certainly convenient, and can often get you a 10% to 20% discount on room rates. The bad news, though, is that there may be an occasional breakdown in communication between a booking agency and a hotel. If you do end up booking online, be sure to print out copies of all your Internet transactions, including receipts and confirmations, and bring them with you.

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