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Hotels here range from B&Bs and boutique properties to all-inclusive resorts; even the largest of the latter are small compared to what you might find on the mainland, and, with so many restaurants around, it’s not worth paying for an all-inclusive package unless you’d rather not venture off site. Places on the north end near El Pueblo are within walking distance of shops, eateries, and

the calm waters of Playa Norte; budget digs can be found in the center of town—just bear in mind they get street noise from the pedestrian traffic on Avenida Hidalgo. Lodgings elsewhere on the island are more private but aren’t as convenient and might lack beaches. Many of Isla’s smaller hotels don’t accept credit cards, and some add a 5%–10% surcharge if you use one. Hoteliers here have also been tightening up cancellation policies, so inquire about fees for changing reservations. Before paying, always ask to see your room to make sure everything is satisfactory—especially at the smaller hotels.

Vacation rentals are an alternative to hotels, and several agencies can help you find one:, for example, lists fully equipped apartments and houses (and also handles reservations for hotel rooms); offers less expensive properties.

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