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The most popular international restaurants are scattered about west Guadalajara, but some of the best Mexican food is near the main attractions in downtown Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, and Tonalá.

If sitting down to a meal before 8 pm, you may find you don't need reservations—and you might even have the restaurant to yourself. By around 10 pm, the locals will start filling up the place, and reservations become a must. Good food tends to be very low-priced compared to comparable food in the States, even at the best restaurants in town. A main course is $6 to $15, and alcoholic beverages start at $2. Some of the best food in the city can be found at smaller taco shops and stands, where you can come away full having spent under $5 for four tacos and a soda. It's important to be careful when eating food from street vendors, however; the best sign of a stand worth trying is a long line of locals waiting to order.

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