Sports and the Outdoors in Tankah


Sports and the Outdoors

Gorgonian Gardens. The Gorgonian Gardens, located about 60 feet below the outer reef, have made Tankah a particular destination for divers thanks to the offshore underwater environment. From southern Tankah to Bahía de Punta Soliman, the sand-free ocean floor has allowed for the proliferation of Gorgonians, or soft corals—sea fans, candelabras, and fingers that can reach 5 feet in height—as well as a variety of colorful sponges. Fish love to feed here, and so many of them swarm the gardens that some divers have compared the experience to being surrounded by clouds of butterflies. Although this underwater habitat goes on for miles, Tankah is the best place to access it. In front of Tankah Inn, just south of Casa Cenote, Tankah, Quintana Roo.

Cenote Manatee. Directly across from Casa Cenote Hotel, this open lagoon (often referred to as Casa Cenote) is popular with cave divers since a freshwater tunnel—dropping below the main road—connects directly to the ocean. Here two ecosystems collide with both fresh and saltwater, offering a maximum diving depth of 26 feet. The constant currents draw in a variety of marine life including parrotfish, swimming crabs, moray eels, juvenile barracuda, and tarpon. Only experienced divers should enter the underwater cave since the distance between the cenote and ocean is dangerously long. There is a small parking lot but no facilities other than those at neighboring hotels and restaurants. Interior Fraccionamento Tankah, Caribe Lote 32 Manzana 3, across from Casa Cenote Hotel, Tankah, Quintana Roo. $5.

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