Getting Here and Around in Majahual


Getting Here and Around

There's a first-class ADO bus ($23) that departs every day at 7 am from Cancún (stopping in Playa del Carmen and Tulum). This direct transportation to Majahual has made the area popular with backpackers. The ADO bus from Playa del Carmen departs at 8:20 am and arrives in Majahual at 12:30 pm with brief stops in Tulum, Carrillo Puerto, and Limones.

To get here by car, take Carretera 307 to Highway 10, approximately 2½ km (1½ miles) past the dusty little town of Limones (you can't miss the road; it's marked Majahual). Continue for 50 km (30 miles) until you reach the coast. Turn right at the lighthouse and follow the road into the town of Majahual where a string of hotels and restaurants line the beach.

To reach New Majahual and Cast Away Books, turn left at Km 55, just past the mayor's office.

The road south of town is rough and potholed. After it rains driving here can be an adventure. If you're planning to drive south, check with locals for road conditions, and plan plenty of time.


There's a taxi stand at the corner of Avenida Majahual and Calle Rubic. A full day of transportation, with a private driver, can be arranged for around $100. Additional taxis are parked around the soccer field. Always ask to see a rate card before agreeing to a price.


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