Essentials in Valle de Bravo



Bus Contacts

Autobuses Todo Valle. 726/262–0213.

Medical Assistance

Farma Pronto. Pagaza 100, on corner of Plaza Independencia at Bocanegra, Valle de Bravo, 51200. 726/262–1441.

Hospital General de Valle de Bravo. Fray Gregorio Jiménez de la Cuenca s/n, Valle de Bravo, 51200. 726/262–1646.

Visitor and Tour Info

Mexico State Tourist Office. Urawa 100, Gate 110, Toluca, 51200. 722/219–5190.

Valle de Bravo Turismo Municipal. Presidencia Municipal, 5 de Febrero 100, entrance opposite bell tower, Valle de Bravo, 51200. 726/262–1678.


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