Around Mexico City Feature


Top Reasons to Go

Day-tripping to ancient cities: Spend the day scrambling over ruins and pyramids and be back in Mexico City for dinner.

Experiencing the great outdoors: Some of the country's highest mountains, such as Iztaccíhuatl, offer challenging climbs for the intrepid or easier trails at their bases.

The chance to eat Puebla's regional cuisine: The city has made some important contributions to Mexico's culinary heritage, such as mole, a sauce that can use upward of 30 different ingredients, including chocolate.

Getting a European vacation without having to cross the pond: Due to its lakeside location amid pine forests, and popularity with wealthy jet-setters, Valle de Bravo has been likened to the "Switzerland of Mexico."

Putting the guidebook away: In Tlaxcala and Cuetzalan, you'll run out of sights to see in the first 15 minutes. The real joy is strolling around without an agenda.

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