Getting Here and Around in San Pedro Sula


Getting Here and Around

Built on a traditional grid pattern, San Pedro Sula is an easy city to navigate. Its numbered east-west calles (streets) and north-south avenidas (avenues) are divided into four quadrants—noreste (northeast, abbreviated NE), sureste (southeast, SE), noroeste (northwest, NO), and suroeste (southwest, SO). You'll probably spend most of your time in the southwest quadrant. Many intersections in the center city are not governed by stoplights or stop signs. Avenidas have the right of way at such crossings. Avenida Circunvalación, a ring road, encircles the city. It seems every other vehicle is a taxi, and most rides cost between L40 and L60. Stick with them if you don't have your own vehicle, and always use taxis after dark instead of walking. San Pedro's city buses have seen an increase in crime on a few routes, and we recommend avoiding them entirely.

To get your bearings, start in the center of town at Parque Central, bordered by Calle 1 and Avenida 3. The Hotel Gran Sula across the street is a prominent landmark. The town's few attractions are an easy walk north or south from here. Remember that the area called abajo de la linea (literally meaning "below the line"), which means the southeast quadrant below Avenida 1, is a dangerous neighborhood night or day.

All buses arrive and depart from the enormous Gran Central Metropolitana, 4 km (2½ mi) south of San Pedro Sula on the highway to Tegucigalpa. Several companies ply the busy route between San Pedro and Tegucigalpa. Viana Clase Oro, Hedman Alas, Sáenz Primera, and King Quality offer luxury bus services between the two cities.

San Pedro Sula is served by the country's largest airport, the Aeropuerto Internacional Ramón Villeda Morales. There are no airport shuttle buses, only private taxis. A taxi to downtown San Pedro Sula should cost no more than L150. To the chain hotels on Avenida Circunvalación, expect to pay L200.


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