Western Honduras: Places to Explore


  • Comayagua

    Founded in 1537, Santa María de Comayagua was the first capital of Honduras. It was also one of the last bastions of resistance by the Lenca and Nahuatl people, who staged a revolt two years later. President... Read more

  • Copán Ruinas

    Just to the east of the town of Copán Ruinas, the Mayan ruins of Copán are without a doubt one of the most important attractions for tourists in Honduras. The tourism industry in the Bay Islands might... Read more

  • Gracias

    Founded in 1536 by Gonzalo de Alvarado, brother of Spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado, Gracias has a fascinating history. Its original name was Gracias a Dios (Thanks be to God), after the conquistador's... Read more

  • Lago de Yojoa

    The largest natural lake in the country, shimmering Lago de Yojoa is home to an amazing variety of birds. Upwards of 400 different species are found in the moss-draped trees, from black-bellied whistling... Read more

  • San Pedro Sula

    "Tegucigalpa thinks," goes the Honduran saying, "San Pedro Sula works." ("La Ceiba celebrates," the maxim continues, but that's a matter to be explored in the Caribbean Coast section of our guide.) Honduras... Read more

  • Santa Rosa de Copán

    Set in one of the most beautiful regions of Honduras, Santa Rosa de Copán has a friendliness that makes you long to linger. (The pleasant springlike climate—the town sits at 1,150 meters (3,780 feet) altitude—is... Read more