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The Asociación de Guías de Copán has a lock on guide services at the ruins themselves. You can arrange a guide in advance or when you arrive. They get high marks for their knowledge. Basecamp Outdoor Adventures, with office inside the Café Vía Vía, leads several hikes around the area. An alternative hike shows you how local people live. A nature hike takes you through the hills around town. An all-day expedition hike takes you to visit Maya Chortí villages. Yaragua Tours offers reservations and arrangements for all the major sites in the area, such as caving, hot springs, a canopy tour, and a hacienda tour. Tour prices vary, from about $15 for horseback rides to the waterfalls up to $45 for full-day trips with meals.

Tour Companies

Asociación de Guías de Copán. Copán entrance, Copán Ruinas. 651–4018.

Basecamp Outdoor Adventures. C. de la Plaza, 1½ blocks west of Parque Central, Copán Ruinas. 651–4695.

Yaragua Tours. C. de la Plaza, southeast corner of Parque Central, Copán Ruinas. 651–4147.

Studying Spanish in Copán Ruinas

Copán Ruinas has great Spanish-language-immersion programs, with plenty of activities for your spare time.

Guacamaya Spanish School Av. Copán, 2 blocks north of Parque Central, Copán Ruinas. 651–4360.

Ixbalanque Spanish School Av. Los Jaguares, 3 blocks west, ½ block north of Parque Central, Copán Ruinas. 651–4432.


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