Getting Here and Around in Copán Ruinas


Getting Here and Around

Copán Ruinas sits due southwest of San Pedro Sula. At the crossroads town of La Entrada, 103 km (65 mi) from San Pedro, the road splits, giving you the choice between travel to Copán Ruinas and Santa Rosa de Copán. The remainder of the journey to Copán Ruinas is over a secondary road that twists and turns in portions and has occasional potholes, but is manageable.

Several bus companies ply the route between San Pedro and Copán Ruinas. Do yourself a favor and spring for one of the three-times-daily Hedman Alas coaches. The extra level of comfort and express service are worth the extra cost (L330 one way). Other bus services can be exhausting—they are crowded and stop everywhere.

Other than on the central plaza, streets in town are narrow and one-way. Driving is a nuisance here. Leave your vehicle in your hotel lot and walk. The town is compact enough, and you can even walk to the ruins. Copán Ruinas's taxis are the motorized three-wheeled Bajaj RE vehicles made in India. Everyone refers to them as tuk-tuks.

New to Copán Ruinas are real street names for the first time with spiffy Maya-style signs. Few local people use or even know the new names, preferring to give addresses in reference to local landmarks, usually the central park. We use both systems—the street signs are useful to help you get your bearings—but don't expect anybody to be able to answer "Where is Calle Independencia?"

Bus Companies

Hedman Alas. Gran Central Metropolitana, San Pedro Sula. 553–1361.


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