When to Go to Honduras

Honduras has no truly bad time to visit, although if we had to pick one no-go month, it might be October, when the entire country can be deluged with rain. Coming here during the rest of the rainy season need not be a hardship. The countryside is lush and green, the air is fresh, and it is a nice contrast to the parched conditions you see in March and April. But a tropical country plus the North American winter—you do the math. December through April is the big tourist season here as northerners flee those frigid temperatures. Lodgings fill up and reservations are always advisable. They're a must during Christmas and Easter weeks, when Hondurans are apt to be traveling, too, and competing for available hotel space. The country experiences a second, shorter high season during July and August, prime North American and European vacation time.


The northern coast is hot and humid year-round. The rainiest time of year on the Caribbean runs from October through January, although wet weather can come at any time of year. June, July, August, and September are usually hotter and drier. The rest of the country experiences much the opposite phenomenon, with a May-to-October rainy season and a dry season the rest of the year. Altitude really matters more than anything in Honduras. Tegucigalpa and the central and western highlands enjoy warm days and cool evenings, that proverbial "eternal spring" that everyone likes to talk about. San Pedro Sula and the Caribbean lowlands, as well as the Pacific coast, are usually sweltering, but you can often count on sea breezes to moderate the heat on the coast and in the Bay Islands.

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