Passports and Visas

Visitors from the United States require only a valid passport and return ticket to be issued a 90-day visa at their point of entry into Honduras. You will be photographed at passport control. The official will keep one copy of your immigration form you were given on the plane, or at the land border. Keep the carbon copy; you'll need to present it when you leave and will pay a small fine if you lose it. Honduras is part of an immigration-and-customs union with El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala called the CA-4. Any time spent in those three neighboring countries also counts toward your 90 days in Honduras.

Honduras has stringent rules about the entry and exit of minors. Both parents or legal guardians must accompany any visitor under 18. Barring that, the absent parent(s) or guardian(s) must supply a notarized statement granting permission for their minor child to travel to Honduras. The situation comes up frequently with the large number of high school students who travel to Honduras to work with volunteer groups, accompanied by adult supervisors who are not their parents.

Make two photocopies of the data page of your passport, one for someone at home and another for you, carried separately from your passport. While sightseeing in Honduras, it's best to carry the copy of your passport and leave the original hidden in your hotel room or in your hotel's safe. If you lose your passport, call the nearest embassy or consulate and the local police.

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