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Some wise person once said, "Old school buses never die. They go to Central America." (We wish we could take credit for the observation.) Who knows? Look closely and you might just see the school bus you rode as a child converted into a mode of intercity Honduran transport. The average Honduran gets around the country by bus, and for meeting and conversing with local people, there is no better transportation mode. Bus transport includes those old school buses as well as small minivans that ply fixed routes. There's always room for one more passenger on either, and both types of service stop everywhere. Large Pullman-style buses are always more spacious and comfortable, and make fewer stops. Opt for them on routes between larger destinations.

The highly regarded Hedman–Alas connects Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Tela, Comayagua, and Copán Ruinas, as well as Guatemala City and Antigua, Guatemala. TicaBus travels to Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, and Mexico. TransNica travels to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. King Quality travels to Guatemala and El Salvador.

Bus Info

Hedman Alas. 11 Av., between Cs. 13 and 14, Comayagüela, Francisco Morazán. 237–7143. www.hedmanalas.com.

King Quality. Gran Central Metropolitana. 553–4547.

TicaBus. 16 C. and 5 and 6 Avs., Comayagüela, Francisco Morazán. 220–0579. www.ticabus.com.

TransNica. Blvd. Suyapa, Suyapa, Francisco Morazán. 239–7933. www.transnica.com.

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