Southern Honduras: Places to Explore


  • Choluteca

    Honduras's fourth-largest city—weighing in at 100,000 people—is seen by most travelers as the country's outpost-slash-way station on the Pan-American Highway. Indeed, Choluteca hosts many...

  • Danlí

    Spanish explorers founded this community in 1667 as San Buena Ventura, but soon after independence the name reverted to Danlí, meaning "water running over sand," the moniker indigenous peoples...

  • Isla del Tigre

    Assuming they ever existed, the tigres—jaguars? ocelots? panthers?—believed to have once populated Honduras's very own Pacific island are long gone. Gone also are the pirates, among them Sir...

  • Yuscarán

    The charming colonial town of Yuscarán sits a little too far out from Tegucigalpa to be an easy lunch trip (at least not in the way closer Santa Lucía and Valle de Ángeles are), but it gets...


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