Getting Here and Around in Isla del Tigre


Getting Here and Around

Bringing your own vehicle to the island is a hassle. There is no regular car ferry service. Most drivers leave their vehicles at guarded lots in the hamlet of Coyolito on the mainland for a charge of L50 a day. If you have no car, you'll need to disembark from any Tegucigalpa-Choluteca bus just north of the port of San Lorenzo. Minivans or taxis are often waiting to take you on the last hour-long portion of the journey to Coyolito. Lanchas, small motorboats, leave the dock in Coyolito and charge L20 per person to transport you to Isla del Tigre. They can drop you off at the dock in Amapala or at nearby Playa El Burro, a good option if you're staying at Veleros on that beach.

A community-run tourist office operates at the pier in Amapala weekdays and Saturday mornings and has plenty of useful information about the island.

The island is essentially circular, with Amapala, its only town, at the 11-o'clock position on a clock. A road, 17 km (10 mi) long, circles the island, mostly hugging its shore. Public buses ply the route but very infrequently. Pickup trucks serve as taxis here. Boats can be hired to get you from place to place on the island, an often quicker option than traveling by land. Expect to pay L20 no matter where you want the boat driver to take you.


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