Getting Here and Around in Choluteca


Getting Here and Around

As the region's hub city and Honduras's fourth largest metropolis, Choluteca is well served by good roads and public transportation. Highway CA-5 leads south from Tegucigalpa where it merges into the Pan-American Highway (CA-1) for the remainder of the drive to Choluteca.

Sáenz Primera travels four times daily from Tegucigalpa to Choluteca on large, comfortable air-conditioned buses. Travel time is 2½ hours. The fare (L150) is twice what the other companies charge, but the extra level of comfort and express service—it shaves an hour off the other guys' travel times—may be worth it. El Rey Express makes the trip three times daily, with stops along the way. Choluteca operator Mi Esperanza makes the Tegucigalpa to Choluteca trip hourly throughout the day in each direction, with stops along the way. Choluteca bus terminals congregate on Avenida Carranza, six blocks south and eight blocks east of the Parque Central.

Many side streets in town degenerate into dirt, making Choluteca dusty in the dry season and muddy in the rainy season.


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