Essentials in Utila




HSBC across from municipal dock, Utila. 425–3117 or 3257.

Banco Atlántida ½ block from municipal dock, Utila. 425–3374 or 3375.

Bike Rentals

Utila Bike Rental East Main St., Utila Town. 425–3940. Closed Sun.

Rental Roney West Main St., Utila Town. 425–3991 or 3228–1024.

Cart and Scooter Rental

Rita's Club Car Rental East Main St., Utila Town. 425–3692. Closed Sun.

Lance Bodden Rentals East Main St., Utila Town. 425–3245. Closed Sun.


Utila Princess II Muelle de Cabotaje, La Ceiba. 408–5163. $22 one way. No credit cards. Daily 9:30 am and 4:00 pm from La Ceiba, and 6:20 am and 2 pm from Utila. Utila Municipal Dock, Utila. 425–3390.

Captain Vern's Catamaran Coconut Tree docks in West End, Roatán. 9910–8040. $55 one way. No credit cards. Roatán to Utila, 1 pm, and Utila to Roatán, 6:30 am. Bush's Grocery, Utila. .


Most supermarkets will give cash advances on credit cards without charging an extra fee.

Bush's Supermarket east of Banco Atlántida, Utila. 425–3147.

Henderson's Supermarket West Main St., Utila. 425–3148. Closed Sun.


Truck Taxi Rolando 9840–2874.

Van Taxi Driver Paisano 435–3311 or 3236–3969.

Van Taxi Hank 425–3180 or 3397–1678.


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