Banks in Utila



HSBC across from municipal dock, Utila. 425-3117 or 3257.

Banco Atlántida ½ block from municipal dock, Utila. 425–3374 or 3375.

Bike Rentals

Utila Bike Rental East Main St., Utila Town. 425-3940. Closed Sun.

Rental Roney West Main St., Utila Town. 425-3991 or 3228-1024.

Cart and Scooter Rental

Rita's Club Car Rental East Main St., Utila Town. 425-3692. Closed Sun.

Lance Bodden Rentals East Main St., Utila Town. 425-3245. Closed Sun.


Utila Princess II Muelle de Cabotaje, La Ceiba. 408-5163. $22 one way. No credit cards. Daily 9:30 am and 4:00 pm from La Ceiba, and 6:20 am and 2 pm from Utila. Utila municipal dock, Utila. 425-3390.

Captain Vern's Catamaran Coconut Tree docks in West End, Roatán. 9910–8040. $55 one way. No credit cards. Roatán to Utila, 1 pm, and Utila to Roatán, 6:30 am. Bush's Grocery, Utila. .


Most supermarkets will give cash advances on credit cards without charging an extra fee.

Bush's Supermarket east of Banco Atlantida, Utila. 425-3147.

Henderson's Supermarket West Main St., Utila. 425-3148. Closed Sun.


Truck Taxi Rolando 9840-2874.

Van Taxi Driver Paisano 435-3311 or 3236-3969.

Van Taxi Hank 425-3180 or 3397-1678.


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