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If You Have 3 Days: If you only have three days, stick to a single island. Which one you pick depends on what you feel like doing. In Utila, sign up for a dive package and spend your mornings in the water. On the first afternoon, take a boat out to the Upper and Lower Cays and walk through the narrow alleys of the floating town. On the next day, take a hike up to Pumpkin Hill for an astounding view of the ocean and Roatán. Spend your last day unwinding at a beachfront bar or on the beaches.

In Roatán, stay at a West Bay resort or a West End cabin. If you're there on the weekend, catch a 10:30 am dolphin show at Anthony's Key Resort in Sandy Bay. Spend a full day in the tropical animal reserve and canopy tours of West Bay's Gumbalimba Park. For the more adventurous, rent a motor scooter for an afternoon and experience the coastline first-hand. In Guanaja, pick up all necessities in Bonacca Town the first day, and spend the rest of your trip sunbathing, fishing, diving, and relaxing from your hotel.

If You Have 5 Days: Start in Roatán's West End or West Bay, spending the first day relaxing on the beach and exploring the town. On your second day, visit Gumbalimba Park or take a kayak trip through glassy waters and mangroves around the island. Take a day to rent a scooter or take the bus north to Oak Ridge and glide through town on a water taxi. Venture south to Coxen Hole if you're in the mood for shopping. Spend a day or two diving around the reefs or snorkeling past exotic coral and sea life. If you're diving in Utila for a five-day stay, use the afternoons to hike up Pumpkin Hill, take a mangrove kayak tour, visit the cays, and nap in a beachfront hammock.

If You Have 7 Days: If you're spending a full week on the Bay Islands, the best way to start is by unwinding. Head to Roatán's gorgeous beaches and take a few days to slow down and soak in the sun. Explore the canopy lines, kayak tours, and snorkeling excursions available around the island. Rise early on the fourth day and take the ferry back to La Ceiba. From there, take a ferry up to Utila. Use your remaining time to dive or snorkel and meet the vibrant community of expats and islanders.

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