There is only one private hospital on the Bay Islands. Wood's Medical Centre, open 24 hours, can handle most emergencies. It can also organize transfers to hospitals on the mainland. There are two hyperbaric chambers on the island to treat divers with the bends, one at Fantasy Island and the other at Anthony's Key Resort. These facilities also have medics on call for emergencies.

The Utila Community Clinic caters mostly to tourists and has a well-stocked pharmacy. The attending physician also runs the Utila Hyperbaric Chamber. The island is now equipped with a helicopter to airlift patients in critical condition to La Ceiba.

Hospital and Clinic

Wood's Medical Centre Coxen Hole, Roatán, Bay Islands. 445–1080.

Utila Community Clinic Utila Town, Utila, Bay Islands. 425–3154.

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