Air Travel to and from the Bay Islands

From North America, Taca flies nonstop from Houston and Miami to Roatán, and Delta flies direct from Atlanta. Isleña and Sosa offer daily flights from San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, and La Cieba to Roatán. Sosa also flies six days a week to Guanaja and Utila. Aviac and Lanhsa have charter flights to Roatán and Guanaja from La Ceiba as well.

Airlines and Contacts

Aviac 263–3198 in Tegucigalpa.

Delta 445–1088 on Roatán).

Lanhsa 442–1283; 414–5959 in La Ceiba.

Sosa 445–1154 on Roatán; 453–4359 on Guanaja; 443–1399; 442–1512 in La Ceiba.

TACA/Isleña 445–1088 on Roatán.

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