Sights & Attractions in La Mosquitía


Sights & Attractions La Mosquitía

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Brans Jungle Hike
A boat ride from Belén across Laguna de Ibans...
Trails Belen
Cannon Island Excursion
A quick boat ride from the savanna forest takes...
Islands Brus Laguna
Crocodile Night Watch
Well, more like dusk than full-on night: canoes...
Tours Belen
Garífuna Cultural Exchanges
The audience becomes the performer in this...
Arts / Performance Venues Batalla
Jungle Survival Course
Not that you'll need it here (unless you really...
Tours Raista
Sport fishing and bird watching draw a handful of...
Towns Puerto Lempira
Laguna Bacalar Boat Tours
A two- to three-hour guided excursion maneuvers...
Tours Batalla
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