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Simplistic cabins and lodges are a suprisingly comfortable option out in the wild. Family-run quarters, or hospedajes, have inexpensive rooms and limited space, and they're the only choice for sleeping indoors outside the bigger towns. Las Marías has six hospedajes and Raista has just one, while Brus Laguna and Belén have singular beach cabanas. The nightly rate in most places runs from

L130 to L200 per person.

In the rain forest, lodging built from wood planks stands high off the ground with wraparound terraces and thatched palm roofs. Large mosquito nets cascade onto the firm beds below, and candlesticks and matches wait on the ready from the windowsill. Some lodging has shared bathrooms with sinks, showers, and flushing toilets. Others have communal latrines with adjacent showers and a nearby bucket of rainwater for flushing and bathing. The choice is strictly up to the location.

Puerto Lempira has a few decent hotels with simple rooms, private bathrooms, and cable. Smaller motels are small and stuffy but suitable for a night. In Batalla and Palacios, several hospedajes have rustic accommodations for travelers in transit, although decor does not include the ever-important mosquito netting.

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