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Explore the ecosystems.: Caribbean beaches, coral reefs, glassy lagoons, mangrove swamps, secluded islands, and pine savanna make for countless excursions in this mystical region. After all, it is Central America's largest contiguous stretch of undeveloped land—not to mention the greatest belt of virgin tropical rain forest north of the Amazon.

Go trekking and rafting in the jungle.: Mountain trails snake past dangling vines and thick jungle growth, and many offer challenging multiday hikes with rewarding views or leisurely wildlife discoveries. Two-week river rafting adventures down the Río Plátano combine ancient archeology and cultural exchanges with complete immersion in the wild.

Step back in time.: It's nothing but nature out here in the rain forest. Modern-day distractions are few and far between; you'll be forced to slow down, unplug, and soak in the unbeatable scenery.

Visit ancient petroglyphs.: Steeped in mystery, these ancient rock engravings in Las Marías are the only remaining clues to an unknown, centuries-old civilization. Man-powered pipante canoes push upstream for day trips to the first set, Walpaulbansirpe, or continue on for a second day at Walpaulbantara.

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