Honduras' Caribbean Coast: Places to Explore


  • La Ceiba

    The third-largest city in Honduras, La Ceiba was once the country's busiest port. It's named after a huge tree near the dock that sheltered the workers, which should give you an idea of how hot La Ceiba... Read more

  • Omoa

    A sparkling ocean view and spectacular waterfalls where the Sierra de Omoa meets the Caribbean have made this former fishing village an emerging vacation destination for budget travelers. Tourism has lulled... Read more

  • Puerto Cortés

    Puerto Cortés is best known as Honduras's largest port, although the city is slowly but steadily rebranding itself as a tourist destination. The town was founded in 1524 as the Villa de Puerto Caballos... Read more

  • Sambo Creek

    Fishing boats and seafood shacks line the shores of this Garífuna community. For many travelers, the town is a departure point for snorkeling and diving trips to the Cayos Cochinos archipelago. The easternmost... Read more

  • Tela

    Garífuna women stride gracefully along the shore with baskets of coconut bread balanced on their heads near the Bahía de Tela, a delightful town on the northern coast. Its sweeping beaches and undisturbed... Read more

  • Trujillo

    Explorer Christopher Columbus first set foot on the American mainland here, and it's said that he thanked God for delivering him from the honduras (loosely translated, it means "deep waters"). That footprint... Read more