Honduras' Caribbean Coast Feature


Top Reasons To Go

Discover Garífuna Culture.: The coastal villages of African descendants are full of cultural surprises. High-energy music and dancing ring out in the evenings, and tropical dishes of seafood, coconut, and cassava fill your table.

Rafting in the Jungle.: La Ceiba's Cangrejal River is one of Central America's best for white-water rafting. Top-notch tour operators offer exhilarating rides between and over massive boulders, through low-hanging clouds, and past walls of endless green.

Explore the Wildlife.: Botanical gardens, hot springs, mangroves, and tropical forests across the coast afford one-of-a-kind encounters with howler monkeys, crocodiles, thousands of bird species, and brilliant blossoms and fruit trees. Take a kayak tour or a hike, or glide through it all on a canopy line.

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