Honduras' Caribbean Coast Travel Guide


Plan Your Honduras' Caribbean Coast Vacation

The northern coast of Honduras is a world away from the country's interior. Chaotic urban grids give way to mellow coastal towns. Steep green mountains slope sharply into verdant jungle canopies and salty turquoise waters. National parks and reserves ring vibrant beachfront promenades and port cities with sandy streets and brightly painted buildings. The residents are just as diverse, with cultures and languages that offer a unique panorama of Honduran history.


Honduras' Caribbean Coast Hotels

Tourism infrastructure in northern Honduras has been building up substantially since about 2005. Every city has its share of... read more


Honduras' Caribbean Coast Restaurants

Breakfast on the Caribbean coast is much like that of inland cities—rice, beans, tortilla, egg and cheese, or perhaps a baleada... read more


Honduras' Caribbean Coast Experiences

  • Top Reasons To Go

    Discover Garífuna Culture.: The coastal villages of African descendants are full of cultural surprises. High-energy music and... Read more


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