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  • If You Like

    Honduras's festivals don't all have their roots in the country's Catholicism—just some of them do. Semana Santa, Comayagua, Santa Rosa de... Read more

  • Top Things to Do in Honduras

    What hasn't been said about this "Paris of the Mayan World" and its intricately carved stelae, monuments to its Mayan rulers? Easily accessed,... Read more

  • Top Experiences in Honduras

    Although historians know most of the background of the ancient city of Copán, a walk through its ruins in southwest Honduras is bound to raise more... Read more

  • Honduras Today

    Honduras is a multiparty democracy with an elected president and one-house congress, and is divided into 18 provincelike divisions known as departamentos... Read more

  • Snapshot of Honduras

    Honduras lacks the overwhelmingly visible indigenous cultures that populate neighboring Guatemala. Around 90% of the country's 7.5 million people... Read more

  • Honduras with Kids

    Honduras doesn't necessarily leap to mind when planning a vacation with the kids. (This isn't Orlando, after all.) It's not that the country is unfriendly to... Read more

  • Cruising to Honduras

    Although Honduras counts two coastlines, only its Caribbean side hosts cruise ships, all on select Panama Canal, Western Caribbean, and Central... Read more

  • Honduran Souvenirs

    You won't waltz away with a souvenir ancient Mayan ceremonial headdress—it would be illegal to take such an item out of the country anyway—but... Read more

  • What's New in Honduras

    Tegucigalpa has seen the opening of two new world-class museums, and both make phenomenal additions to the list of things to see in the capital. The... Read more

  • Retiring in Honduras

    Honduras gets high marks as one of the Western Hemisphere's up-and-coming retirement destinations. The magazine International Living, which many... Read more

  • Honduras Adventure Vacations

    Like its Central American neighbors, Honduras has latched onto the eco/nature/adventure bandwagon that Costa Rican tourism began driving... Read more

  • Honduras Lodging Primer

    No matter what your budget, no matter what your comfort needs, you'll find something in Honduras to suit your taste. There's plenty of variety among... Read more

  • Flavors of Honduras

    Even Honduras's biggest boosters will admit in a moment of candor that haute cuisine is not the big draw here. One chef we spoke with lamented that... Read more


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