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Top Things to Do in Honduras

Copán, Western Honduras

What hasn't been said about this "Paris of the Mayan World" and its intricately carved stelae, monuments to its Mayan rulers? Easily accessed, tourist-friendly, and with a ton of related activities when you tire of looking at ruins, this is the country's top tourist attraction.

Gracias, Western Honduras

Cool, crisp Gracias was once the capital of Spain's entire Central American colony—but for only four years in the 16th century. Residents are busy restoring their community to the appearance it had during those glory days, and other than the addition of motor vehicles, they've been successful. It will always be the capital of the highland towns in our book.

Lago de Yojoa, Western Honduras

Part tropical lowland, part Honduran highland, the country's largest natural lake sits in a transition zone between north and south and between east and west that permits it to be a crossroads of biodiversity. In particular, bird watchers come here to spot 400 species of their favorite animal.

Parque National La Tigra, Tegucigalpa

You'd never know you were just a few miles north of the capital when you enter one of the world's most beautiful tracts of cloud forest. Its proximity to the city means that this protected area can be easily done as a day trip—best with the help of a guide—but if you're feeling intrepid, make it an overnight stay in the rustic accommodation within the park.

Parque Nacional Pico Bonito, Caribbean

One of Honduras's foremost national parks is easily visited from La Ceiba, but we like this protected area for the opportunity it offers to stay at its namesake lodge with its myriad eco-activities. And you'll love the sight of Pico Bonito itself, a nearly 8,000-foot peak that turns a dreamy blue at dusk.

Reserva de la Biósfera Río Plátano, La Mosquitía

Few actually make it to Honduras's largest biological reserve—much planning is needed to get here—but make the effort and you will be richly rewarded with Honduras at its unspoiled best. The stories of the jungle, the plants, and the animals you see are guaranteed to wow the folks back home.

Roatán, Utila, and Guanaja: the Bay Islands

Who could ever truly decide which of the three Bay Islands is best? Roatán is developed, to be sure, but its selection of lodgings, restaurants, and sights means you're never at a loss for things to do. Up-and-coming Utila is a smaller version of its larger neighbor, and far more low-key—not that Roatán is ever frenzied. Guanaja really remains that get-away-from-it all tropical island. Each is fabulous in its own way.

Valle de Ángeles, Tegucigalpa

High in the hills just outside Tegucigalpa is the favorite weekend getaway for capitalinos (residents of Tegucigalpa, the capital), even if it's only for Sunday lunch. Do as they do: partake of the típico (traditional) food at the many eateries, shop for handicrafts, and bask in the cool, fresh, clear air, a welcome respite from the sometimes smoggy capital.

Yuscarán, Southern Honduras

Honduras's other colonial communities are bigger and better known, but cute, charming little Yuscarán is close enough to the capital to be easily visited if you're staying in this part of the country. And to top it off, it's home to Honduras's best-know distillery and you can see how the firewater guaro is made.

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