The Atlantic Lowlands: Places to Explore


  • El Estor

    Although the vast majority of this little town's population is Q'eqchí, there's also a decidedly Caribbean influence. Locals describe El Estor as tranquilo, which means easygoing or laid-back, and this... Read more

  • Livingston

    Visitors always compare Livingston with Puerto Barrios across the bay, and the former wins hands down, for its sultry, seductive Caribbean flavor. Wooden houses, many on stilts, congregate in this old... Read more

  • Puerto Barrios

    The friendly but down-at-the-heels port city of Puerto Barrios preserves the atmosphere of an old banana town. Its wide streets, mostly detached buildings—many are old stilt houses built in the traditional... Read more

  • Quiriguá

  • Río Dulce

    The term "Río Dulce" denotes two geographic entities. First and foremost, it designates the beautiful waterway connecting the coastal town of Livingston with Lake Izabal, and is one of Guatemala's signature... Read more