Guatemala Features


Guatemala Features

  • Guatemala Today

    The cumbersome financial and economic systems of the past are no more. Recent administrations here have made a concerted effort to streamline... Read more

  • Quintessential

    Few countries wear the past on their collective sleeves quite the way Guatemala does. Devout Catholicism, a strong indigenous tradition, and... Read more

  • If You Like

    If you've come this far to see Mayan ruins, you're likely headed to Tikal. Good choice. But don't overlook the country's other important indigenous... Read more

  • Top Attractions

    For most travelers, Guatemala means Antigua. No place in the Western Hemisphere contains such a collection of colonial architecture, and strict... Read more

  • Ecotourism in Guatemala

    Nearby Costa Rica kicked off the eco-tourism trend in the early 1990s, and it arguably remains the Western Hemisphere's leader in the field... Read more

  • Guatemalan Arts and Crafts

    You won't waltz away with a souvenir ancient Mayan ceremonial headdress—it would be illegal to take such an item out of the country anyway—but... Read more

  • Flavors of Guatemala

    Guatemalan food will seem familiar to anyone who's been to Mexico—at least to a point. Like their neighbors to the north, Guatemalan cooks draw... Read more

  • A Mayan Primer

    The Preclassic (circa 3000 BC to AD 250) period was influenced by the Olmec, a civilization centered on the Gulf Coast of present-day Mexico... Read more

  • Lodging Planner

    Good news: Lodging in Guatemala is affordable. Even five-star luxury doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Hotel isn't the only tag you'll find on accommodation:... Read more

  • Climate

    The high-elevation center of the country lives up to its self-described billing as "the land of eternal spring." Daytime temperatures reach 20°C... Read more

  • FAQ

    Is it safe to visit Guatemala? Yes … mostly. This is probably the most frequently asked question about travel to Guatemala. We admit that the... Read more

  • Dos and Don'ts for Visiting Ruins

    Don't ever take any artifact from a Mayan site, not even a tiny pottery shard. The theft of Mayan antiquities is a serious crime. Luggage is... Read more

  • Architecture

    One look at the monumental architecture of the Maya, and you might feel transported to another world. The breathtaking structures are even more... Read more

  • Tour Operators

    Abercrombie & Kent 630/725-3400 or 800/554-7016. Read more

  • Getting the Most from Your Spanish Study

    Some 100 language schools in Quetzaltenango, another 80 in Antigua, and many more scattered around the country make Guatemala one of the world's... Read more