Northern Plains Feature


Top Reasons to Go to the Northern Plains

Arenal Volcano: You can hear the rumblings of the world's third-most-active volcano for miles around, and, on clear nights, watch crimson rock and gas ooze down its flanks.

Walk down to the waterfall: The reward for a tough hike down to Cataratas de la Fortuna is a magnificent series of waterfalls.

Walk in a cloud: Explore Monteverde's misty world on treetop walkways up to 41 meters (138 feet) off the ground.

Watching wildlife: Waterbirds, monkeys, turtles, crocodiles, jaguars, and sloths abound in the 25,000-acre CaƱo Negro National Wildlife Refuge.

Windsurfing: Lake Arenal is one of the top windsurfing spots on earth; winds can reach 50 to 60 mph December through April.

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