Hiking in Puerto Jiménez



Osa Aventura. This company specializes in multiday hiking adventures led by Mike Boston, an ebullient tropical biologist who sounds like Sean Connery and looks like Crocodile Dundee. Hikers stay in way-off-the-beaten-track rustic lodges or in basic cabins in Corcovado National Park. Boston also employs bilingual biologists to lead hikes and conduct scientific research projects in which visitors can sometimes participate. Puerto Jiménez. 2735–5670 or 8372–6135. www.osaaventura.com.

Tigre Sector. If you have a sturdy vehicle, it's just a 30-minute drive west to the village of Dos Brazos and the Tigre Sector of Corcovado Park. There is a park office along the way where you can check with rangers on trail conditions. Few hikers come to this pristine part of the park because it's difficult to access, which means you'll likely have it to yourself. road to Dos Brazos del Tigre, off main highway between Rincón and Puerto Jiménez, Puerto Jiménez.

Osa Wild. The focus here is on sustainable tourism, including horseback-riding treks, nighttime insect tours, and low-impact, low-cost biologist-guided tours into Corcovado National Park. Main street, north of Banco Nacional, Puerto Jiménez, 60702. 2735–5848. www.osawildtravel.com.


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