Hiking in Corcovado National Park



There are two main hiking routes to Corcovado. One begins near La Palma, at Los Patos entrance. There is one beach trail to the park, an easy 45-minute beach walk from Carate to La Leona entrance. The former beach trail from San Pedrillo to La Sirena has been closed for safety reasons. You can still enter the park at the San Pedrillo station, though, and hike the trails there.

Hiking is always tough in the tropical heat, but the forest route (Los Patos) is cooler than the beach hike to La Leona. Although it is possible to hike La Leona at high tide, it's more difficult because you have to walk on a slope rather than the flat part of the beach. The hike between any two stations takes all day.

The hike from La Leona to Sirena is about 16 km (10 miles) and requires crossing one big river mouth and a stretch of beach that can be crossed only at low tide. Some guides do it very early in the morning, just before sunrise, to avoid the blistering heat along the beach.

The 14-km (9-mile) trail from Los Patos to Sirena is lovely and forested, including an 8-km (5-mile) walk along the verdant Río Rincón valley. The Sirena ranger station has great trails around it that can easily fill a couple of days.

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