Surfing in Playa Pavones



Pavones is famous for one of the longest waves in the world, thanks to the mouth of the Río Claro, which creates ideal sandbanks and well-shaped waves. The ocean bottom is cobblestone where the surfing waves break. The most consistent waves are from April to September, and that's when the surfing crowd heads down here from the Central Pacific coast beaches. But even at the crest of its surfing season Pavones is tranquillity central compared with the surfing hot spots farther north.

Clear River Sports & Adventures. Down by the beach, this outfit rents surfboards for $10 a day and sea kayaks for $15 a day, with a weekly rate of $75. Bicycles go for $10 the first day, $5 each following day. There are a couple of computers, plus Wi-Fi access, a library, and rooms for surfers for $25 a night. They can also arrange local tours. Main street, north of soccer field, Pavones. 2776–2016.

La Ponderosa rents surfboards ($20-$40) as well as bicycles ($15).

Sea Kings Surf Shop. You can buy top-of-the-line surfboards and other gear here, along with heavy-duty sunscreen, board wax, and the latest in surfer wear. You can also rent surfboards for $15 a day and boogie boards for $10. Main street, near Cafe de la Suerte, Pavones, 60704. 2776–2015.

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