South Pacific Coast Experiences


South Pacific Coast Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to the South Pacific Coast

    Bird-watching: Yields such beauties as scarlet macaws and the resplendent quetzal. Enormous Corcovado National Park: The last refuge of such... Read more

  • Chirripó National Park

    Chirripó National Park is all about hiking. The ascent up Mt. Chirripó, the highest mountain in Costa Rica, is the most popular and challenging... Read more

  • Corcovado National Park

    For those who crave untamed wilderness, Corcovado National Park is the experience of a lifetime. Covering one-third of the Osa Peninsula, the... Read more

  • Ballena National Marine Park

    Great snorkeling, whale-watching, and beachcombing draw visitors and locals to Parque Nacional Marino Ballena (Whale Marine National Park), which... Read more

  • Eco-Lodges in the South Pacific

    The South Pacific Zone is Costa Rica's last frontier, with a wealth of protected biodiversity. It's also the cradle of the country's ecotourism,... Read more

  • La Amistad National Park

    La Amistad National Park. At more than 1,980 square km (765 square miles), La Amistad is by far the largest park in Costa Rica. However, it's a... Read more

  • Wildlife-Watching Tips

    If you're accustomed to nature programs on TV, with visions of wildebeest and zebra swarming across African savanna, your first visit to a tropical... Read more

  • Snorkelers' Paradise

    Most of uninhabited 2½-square-km (1-square-mile) Caño Island Biological Reserve is covered in evergreen forest that includes fig, locust, and... Read more

  • Understanding Costa Rica's Climate

    Although you may associate the tropics with rain, precipitation in Costa Rica varies considerably, depending on where you are and when you're here.... Read more

  • A Mosaic of Forests

    Though the rain forest is the most famous region in Costa Rica, there are other types of forests here equally rich in life and well worth exploring.... Read more

  • Where Have All the Forests Gone?

    The world gives high marks to Costa Rica for its environmental awareness, but accolades don't always match reality. In the last half century more... Read more


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