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San José is the center of all that is Costa Rica, and, to the Tico in the countryside, it glitters every bit as much as New York City does. True to developing-country patterns, everything—politics, business, art, cuisine, nightlife, and culture—converges here. The capital may not be the center of your trip to Costa Rica, though—those rain forests and volcanoes have your name written on them—but the city is worth a day or two as a way to ease into Costa Rica at the start of a visit or to wrap things up with a well-deserved dose of civilization.


San José Hotels

San José may be the big city, but it truly shines in its selection of small to medium-size inns. They're all locally owned,... read more


San José Restaurants

Fed up with all the chicken, rice, and beans you've been eating in your out-country travels? Costa Rica's capital beckons... read more


San José Experiences

  • Top Reasons to Go

    Eating out: After traveling around Costa Rica eating mostly rice and beans and chicken, San José's varied restaurants offer a... Read more

  • Eco-Lodges in San José

    Clean? Green? Pristine? San José is none of these, but even in Costa Rica's congested capital, you can count on a handful of pioneers who... Read more

  • Missing History

    Blame it on the earthquakes. Costa Ricans are quick to attribute the scarcity of historic architecture in San José and around the... Read more

  • Are You Ready for Some Fútbol?

    Sports mean one thing in San José: soccer. Very young boys (and a slowly increasing number of girls) kick around a ball—or some other... Read more

  • San José's Cafés

    Costa Ricans are serious about their ritual of tomando café (taking a coffee break), but most places they do so in the city feel... Read more

  • Tune In: Costa Rican Radio

    Take Costa Rican radio along if you're driving to your adventures out of San José. The airwaves here are filled with the hottest Latin... Read more


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