Getting Here and Around in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca


Getting Here and Around

The turnoff to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is 10 km (6 miles) down the coastal highway south of Cahuita. (The highway itself continues south to Bribrí and Sixaola at the Panamanian border.) The village lies another 5 km (3 miles) beyond the turnoff. The paved road passes through town and continues to Playas Cocles and Chiquita and Punta Uva before the pavement peters out at the entrance to the village of Manzanillo. "Potholed" describes the condition of the road from the highway into town, and as far as Playa Cocles. The newer paved sections beyond Cocles haven't disintegrated... yet. Autotransportes MEPE buses travel from San José four times a day, and approximately hourly throughout the day from Limón and Cahuita. All buses from San José go into Puerto Viejo de Talamanca; most, though not all, Limón-originating buses do as well, but a couple drop you off on the highway. Check if you board in Limón.

A scant three buses per day ply the 15-km (9-miles) paved road between Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo, so unless your schedule meshes exactly with theirs, you're better off biking or taking a taxi to and from the far-flung beaches along the way. Taxis charge $8 to Playas Cocles and Chiquita (as well as north to Playa Negra), $10 to Punta Uva, and $15 to Manzanillo.


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