Caribbean Coast Places



Tour Guides and Operators

Sea Turtle Conservancy. Call or stop by the visitor center at the Sea Turtle Conservancy to get a recommendation for good local guides. Tortuguero, 70205. 2709-8091; 2297-5510 in San Jose.

Daryl Loth. Daryl Loth has a wealth of information about the area and conducts boat excursions on the canals and responsible turtle-watching tours in season with advance notice. Tortuguero, 70205. 8833–0827 or 2709–8011. .

Victor Barrantes. Local guide and area expert Victor Barrantes conducts hiking tours to Cerro Tortuguero and around the area. The cerro—it's all that's left of an extinct volcano—is only 400 feet high, but the hike up is strenuous and should be undertaken only with a guide. Your reward for reaching the top will be commanding views of this otherwise pancake-flat region. Tortuguero, 70205. 2709–8055 or 8928–1169. .

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