Caribbean Coast Features


Caribbean Coast Features

  • Top Reasons to Go to the Caribbean Coast

    Dolphin-watching: Bottlenose, tucuxi, and Atlantic spotted dolphins ply the southern Caribbean coast.... Read more

  • Tortuguero National Park

    At various times of the year, four species of sea turtles—green, hawksbill, loggerhead, and giant leatherback—lumber up the 35 km (22 miles)... Read more

  • Cahuita National Park

    In a land known for its dark-sand beaches, the coral-based white sand of Cahuita National Park (Parque Nacional Cahuita) is a real standout... Read more

  • Eco-Lodges in the Caribbean

    Year-round rainfall begets year-round greenery on the Caribbean coast. You can count on lushness here when the rest of Costa Rica's landscape... Read more

  • Rain Forest Adventures

    Just 15 km (9 miles) beyond the northeastern boundary of Braulio Carrillo, a 1,200-acre reserve houses a privately owned and operated engineering... Read more

  • The Nicas

    Immigration issues generate intense debate in the United States and Western Europe. Who would guess that it has become a contentious matter here... Read more

  • The Old Atlantic Railroad

    Christopher Columbus became the Caribbean's (and the country's) first tourist when he landed at Uvita Island near Limón during his fourth voyage... Read more

  • Reefs at Risk

    One of the most complex organisms in the marine world, a coral reef is an extraordinary and extraordinarily delicate habitat. Coral reefs are... Read more