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Requena's, the most reliable operator, provides daily boats departing at 9 am from the docks on Front Street, Punta Gorda, to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala. The trip takes about an hour and can be rough. The fare is BZ$40 one-way. Requena's returns to PG at 2 pm. Two other water-taxi services, Pichilingo and Marisol, run boats for around BZ$50 one-way. The Pichilingo boat departs from PG at 2 pm and Marisol at 4 pm. From Puerto Barrios, Pichilingo departs at 10 am and Marisol at 1 pm. Memo runs a daily boat from PG to Livingston, Guatemala at 1 pm and returns daily at 3 pm (fare BZ$50 one-way). On Tuesday and Friday only, Asugena has service at 10 am from PG to Livingston, and from Livingston to PG at 7 am.

These boats are small open boats for pedestrians only; there is no auto ferry between Guatemala and Punta Gorda. You must pay a BZ$37.50 exit fee when departing from PG to Guatemala and about a US$10 exit fee when departing from Guatemala for Belize. For those traveling on to Honduras, Pichilingo offers a daily connecting shuttle bus at 3 pm from Puerto Barrios to Corinto on the Honduran border for BZ$20 per person. From Corinto buses leave daily at 4:30 and 6 pm for Puerto Cortes, Honduras.


Requena's Charter Service (12 Front St., Punta Gorda, Toledo. 722/2070.

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