Getting Here and Around in Punta Gorda


Getting Here and Around

To best see the sights of Toledo, you'll need a rental car. Otherwise you'll be stuck paying high tour rates or waiting hours for infrequent bus service. If you've flown or bused in to PG, rent a car from Bruno Kuppinger at Sun Creek Lodge (he'll deliver to PG), or have a vehicle delivered to you from Budget or Barefoot in Placencia. If you'd like a knowledgeable local guide to ride with you in your rental car, Celiano Pop charges around BZ$80 a day. With a day's notice he can show you the villages and even arrange a traditional Mayan lunch for BZ$6 in one of the villages.

From the intersection of the Hummingbird and Southern highways it's a straight shot 100 miles (164 km) down the Southern, with only a well-marked right turn near Independence to slow you down. On the Southern Highway about 20 miles (33 km) north of Punta Gorda, at about Mile 83, you'll come to an intersection. If you turn left you'll stay on the Southern Highway to PG; if you bear right onto the San Antonio Road, you'll go comfortably to Lubaantun, San Antonio Village, and other Mayan villages and, by 2014–15, the Guatemala border. Assuming that you continue on the Southern Highway, at about Mile 95 you have two options for reaching downtown PG. You can turn right on the mostly unpaved Saddleback Road and go 5 miles (8 km). To enter from the prettier Bay of Honduras side, as most visitors do, stay straight on the paved Southern Highway and go the same distance.

Celiano Pop (Papishaw Rd., Punta Gorda. 624/2518. .


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