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Taxis are plentiful in and around San Ignacio, but they're expensive if you're going to a remote lodge. For example, a taxi from San Ignacio to one of the Mountain Pine Ridge lodges is likely to be BZ$100–BZ$150, and to one of the lodges west of San Ignacio on the Macal River, about BZ$50–BZ$80 (rates are negotiable). Taxis within San Ignacio shouldn't be more than BZ$6 to most points and around BZ$15 to Bullet Tree. Collective taxis (they pick up as many passengers as possible) run to the Guatemala border for BZ$5 or less. Colectivos to Bullet Tree are BZ$2. You can find taxis at Market Square in the middle of town, near Burns Avenue, or call Cayo Taxi Association (824/2196) or Savannah Taxi Association (824/2155), or have your hotel call a taxi.

Many Cayo hotels and lodges provide van transportation from the international airport and other points in Belize City for about BZ$200–BZ$300 for up to four people one way. Several operators run shuttle vans between Belize City and San Ignacio for around BZ$70–BZ$100 per person. Among those currently offering shuttles are William’s Shuttle, Belize Shuttles and Transfers, and Discounted Belize Shuttles and Tours. Of these, we highly recommend William’s Shuttle. Dutch expat William Hofman is reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable; he charges around BZ$90 per person for two between Belize City and San Ignacio, or BZ$70 per person for three or more. Belize Shuttles and Transfers has both on-demand and fixed-time shuttle trips, the fixed-time shuttles to San Ignacio from either Belize City airport costing BZ$70 per person, plus 12.5% tax. Discounted Shuttles charges BZ$70 per person for two people from the international airport to Belmopan and BZ$90 per person to San Ignacio; these rates include tax.

A taxi from the international airport near Belize City to San Ignacio will cost around BZ$180–BZ$250 (for the cab, not per person), depending on your bargaining ability.

Shuttle Vans

Belize Shuttles and Transfers (Philip Goldson International Airport, Ladyville, Belize. 631/1749; 757/383–8024 U.S. number.

Discounted Belize Shuttles and Tours (Philip Goldson Interational Airport, Ladyville, Belize. 620/1474.

William's Shuttle (Parrot Nest Lodge, Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo. 620/3055.

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