Most of the lodges have hiking trails. Black Rock River Lodge, Chaa Creek, Maya Mountain, Crystal Paradise, and duPlooy's all have especially good areas for hiking. If you want even more wide-open spaces, head to the Mountain Pine Ridge, which offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails, mostly old logging roads. For more adventurous hikes and overnight treks, you'll want to go with a guide.

Maya Guide Adventures. Marcos Cucul and son Francis, who run Maya Guide Adventures, are Ket'chi Mayans who are trained in cave and wilderness rescue. They can take you on overnight caving and kayaking trips, or guide you in Elijio Panti National Park, with trips starting at BZ$700 per person (minimum two persons). For the Maya Guide Adventures trips you must be physically fit. Yaxche Jungle Camp, Belmopan, Cayo. 600/3116. www.mayaguide.bz.




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