Getting Here and Around in Caracol


Getting Here and Around

Caracol is about 55 miles (92 km) from San Ignacio, and about 35–40 miles (57–66 km) from the major lodges in the Mountain Pine Ridge. Because roads are mostly unpaved and often in poor condition, cars or tour vans take 1½ to 2 hours from the Pine Ridge lodges and about 2½ to 3 hours from San Ignacio, sometimes longer after heavy rains.

Advance permission to visit Caracol is no longer required. Although only about a 10-mile (17-km) section of the road to Caracol from San Ignacio is paved, once into the Mountain Pine Ridge the road is generally in good shape, except after heavy rains. The Belize government has plans to eventually pave the entire road to Caracol.


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