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With the exception of dining rooms at upscale jungle lodges, where four-course dinners can run BZ$70 or more, restaurants are almost invariably small, inexpensive, family-run places, serving simple meals such as stew chicken with rice and beans. Here, you'll rarely pay more than BZ$25 for dinner, and frequently much less. If there's a predominant culinary influence, it's Mexican, and many restaurants serve tacos, tamales, garnaches (small, fried corn tortillas with beans, cabbage, and cheese piled on them), and soups such as escabeche (onion soup with chicken). A few places, mostly in Corozal Town, cater to tourists and expats with burgers and steaks. For a quick snack, restaurants on the second floor of the Corozal market sell inexpensive breakfast and lunch items (usually closed Sunday). You can also buy delicious local fruits and vegetables at the market—a huge papaya, two lovely mangoes, and a bunch of bananas cost as little as BZ$2.50 or BZ$3.

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