Getting Here and Around in Gallon Jug


Getting Here and Around

The easiest and fastest way to get here is by charter airplane (about BZ$800 for two people to Gallon Jug Estates' own 3,000-foot airstrip). Javier Flying Service in Belize City has three- and five-passenger Cessna airplanes, and charter flights are also available through Maya Island Air and Tropic Air. Chan Chich will arrange the flights for you. With advance permission, you can also drive to Chan Chich, about 3½ hours from Belize City. Follow the route to Río Bravo and continue on through Programme for Belize lands to the Cedar Crossing gatehouse and into Gallon Jug lands. It's a long but beautiful drive, and you're almost certain to see a considerable amount of wildlife along the dirt road. Chan Chich offers a transfer by road from Belize City for around BZ$650 for two persons.


Javier Flying Service (Municipal Airport, Belize City. 824/0460.


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