Belize Features


Belize Features

  • If You Like

    Deluxe duvets. 1,200-thread-count sheets. Your own villa on a private island or a jungle hideaway with fine wines and gourmet dinners. You may... Read more

  • Great Itineraries

    Sample the best of all that Belize offers—ruins, rain forests, and reef—in only seven or eight days. If you have only five days, shave off some... Read more

  • Top Reasons to Go to Belize

    Snorkeling: The Belize Barrier Reef presents amazing underwater vistas.... Read more

  • What's New in Belize

    Like the United States, Belize held national elections in 2012, and, also like the United States, Belize re-elected its first black leader in... Read more

  • Quintessential Belize

    If you want a sense of life in Belize, familiarize yourself with some of its simple pleasures. There are a few highlights that will send you... Read more

  • FAQ's

    Is Belize a safe place to visit? The best answer is "Yes, but." Most visitors say they feel quite safe in Belize (except, they say, in some areas... Read more

  • Top Mayan Sites

    The following are our picks for the most notable Mayan sites in Belize Fees at most sites for non-Belizeans are BZ$10–BZ$20, and Actun Tunichil... Read more

  • Planning Your Adventure

    These days more travelers than ever are seeking trips with an active or adventure component, and tour operators are responding with an ever-increasing... Read more

  • Volunteering in Belize

    Want to help others less fortunate than you? Want to make the world a better place? Then you may want to investigate volunteer opportunities... Read more

  • Retiring in Belize

    So you fell in love with the Belize experience, outdoors and indoors, met some expats who bought their beachfront lot for a song, and want to... Read more

  • Flavors of Belize

    With its colonial British heritage of warm beer and tinned meats, Belize could well have become one of the dead ends of gastronomy in the Americas... Read more


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