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To and from Belize City

There are only two highways to Belize City: the Philip Goldson Highway, which stretches to the Mexican border, 102 miles (165 km) away, and the George Price Highway, which runs 81 miles (131 km) to Guatemala. Both are paved and in fair to good condition. Signs guide you to nearby destinations such as the Belize Zoo.

In Belize City with a Car

Finding your way around the city itself can be confusing. With rare exceptions hotels in and near the city center offer mostly on-street parking, and you run the risk of a break-in if you leave the car overnight. Hotels in the suburbs north and west of the city usually have fenced or otherwise secured parking. Give your nerves a break and explore the city by taxi or on foot by day in safer sections like the Fort George area.

If you’re driving between western and northern Belize, say from Belmopan to Orange Walk Town, you can take the Burrell Boom bypass around Belize City. The bypass runs between the roundabout on the George Price Highway at Hattieville at Mile 15.5 and Mile 13 of the Philip Goldson Highway. The bypass, completely paved, is about 11½ miles (18½ km) in length; it saves you about 17 miles (28 km) and about a half hour of driving time.

If you are traveling by car from Belize City to one of the northern cayes, you won’t be able to take your vehicle, so you’ll need a safe place to park. Shorter term parking is also available at the international airport lot for BZ$18 a night.


Edgar's Mini Storage. If you need to park your vehicle safely for a few days while you're at one of the northern cayes, one good choice is Edgar's Mini Storage, about an hour from the airport. Bring your own lock and park your car or truck in a covered storage unit, or outside in a fenced lot. Rates vary depending on the size of the vehicle. Free transport to the international airport. 894 Vista del Mar, Ladyville, Belize. 602/4513.

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