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Belize City is the hub of the country's fairly extensive bus network, so there's service to most regions of Belize and limited service by foreign bus companies to Mexico and Guatemala. The main bus terminal on West Collet Canal Street in Belize City—still locally referred to as Novelo’s, though the Novelo’s bus company is no more—is used by most regional companies on the George Price Highway routes, the Goldson Highway routes, and the Hummingbird and Southern highways routes. Many of these are small, owner-operated bus lines. Take a cab to or from the Belize City bus terminal, as it is not in a safe area.

From Belize City. Service on the main routes north, west, and south is frequent and inexpensive. Most of the buses are old Bluebird school buses from the U.S., with cramped seating and no air-conditioning.

The fare from Belize City to San Ignacio is BZ$7, and to Corozal Town BZ$9; express buses, when available, are BZ$2 or BZ$3 more.

For those going to Flores, Guatemala, or Chetumal, Mexico, three Guatemalan bus lines, Fuente del Norte, Linea Dorada, and San Juan, have daily service from the Marine Terminal near the Swing Bridge. Rates from Belize City to Flores are around BZ$50–BZ$60. Fuente del Norte and Linea Dorada generally have the best equipment and service.

The Mexican bus line ADO (www.ado.com.mx) runs daily express service between Cancún and Belize City, with stops at Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Corozal Town, and Orange Walk Town. The overnight service, departing from both Cancún and Belize City in the evening and arriving about eight hours later in the early morning, is handy for those flying into or out of Cancún, an option that usually offers lower fares than flying to and from the international airport near Belize City. Service is on modern Mercedes buses with air-conditioning, reclining seats, bathrooms, and videos. ADO also added Mérida–Belize City service. In Belize City, ADO uses the Novelo's terminal on West Collet Canal.

Belize Bus and Travel Guide (belizebus.wordpress.com) is a good site for up-to-date information on bus and other travel in Belize.


Belize City Main Bus Terminal. (Locally called Novelo's) W. Collet Canal St., Belize City, Belize.

Within Belize City. There is now limited bus service within Belize City on Lopez, Arrow Line, Haylock, Lemott, and other independent lines. Fares are BZ$1–BZ$2 depending on the route and the bus line. Again, many of the buses are old U.S. school buses, but some are modern mini-buses, and the Arrow Line buses are air-conditioned. Ask locally about routes and times, as there are few if any published schedules. Also, local nonexpress regional buses will stop and drop off most anywhere in or near the city on the standard route. For example, if you're going from West Collet Canal terminal downtown to Brodie's supermarket on the Goldson Highway just north of downtown, you can take a non-express bus going to Orange Walk Town or Corozal Town and be dropped off at or near Brodie's.

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